Torreón Jamón Cebo Ibérico


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50% Iberian race, healing 28+ months
Raised in freedom
Diet based on acorns, cereals and feed
Weight: 7 - 8kg

Cured ham (matured) from 50% Iberian pigs reared in the wild and fed on grass, cereals and feed. Of magnificent aroma and of soft and delicious flavor, available with a minimum cure of 28 months.

It has been more than 60 years since Ibéricos Torreón began its journey. Offering products of the highest quality, respecting the raw material as much as possible, has been our goal since the company's origins. The accumulated experience both in the care of the animal in the meadow and in the whole process of making our products has allowed us to improve year after year. All steps of the manufacturing process are carried out with strict quality controls, from breeding and selection of animals, to slaughter, production and curing and we rely on different certifications or quality standards. The raw material of our products is the key: the Iberian pig. The success of the final result begins with the selection of the raw material, in this way we take care of a wide range of Iberian pigs. Located and raised on large farms in southern Spain (Cordoba, Seville, Badajoz) and Salamanca. Dehesas where the pig inhabits in freedom and grows in extensive regime, where many of them from October will be able to take advantage of the time of the Montanera or feeding of the Acorn. The Iberian pig develops in this natural habitat its special genetics, morphology with long walks and a natural diet.